Indian cuisine has the most vegetarian options in the world. Indian vegetarian = a balanced, delicious diet.

Learn vegetarian dishes from all over India: classic curries, typical dishes found in restaurants in the West which are mostly from North India; street food, and regional foods from Southern, Western and Eastern India. The menus are relatively no-fuss, budget-conscious & healthy, and I use local ingredients like Kale as well. I never compromise on taste. And this is what the food looks like!

Good News: Indian spices you buy will keep for a year and you can sprinkle them on other foods too and have fun.

Time & Cost: You’ll learn 2 dishes in a 2-hour class and get a 3rd one to make on your own,. *The prices below include taxes.

  • Cost is $150 Canadian* for one location (only 2 people can participate from one location)
  • $140 per location if people book a private class from two or more locations.
  • Maximum possible locations per class: 3

*Please calculate the equivalent in your country currency for Europe, US, etc.

With an online class you can cook with a friend or family member in another city or even in another country!

Please contact me to discuss cooking demos or other class formats and sizes.

The Steps:
1. You check out the menus and choose a pre-designed menu, or mix and match. Check vegan menus here.

2. First we will decide on a date & time — Saturday or Sunday afternoons only — using email, and then you will tell me by email what you want to learn (pick only 2 dishes from any given menu). It’s very important to tell me if you have any food allergies/intolerances so I can make sure we make dishes that are safe for you.

3. Once you pay me the full amount for the class by interac e-transfer to then I will send you the recipes for two dishes we will make.

You can choose the 3rd free recipe at this point and I will send it to you a couple of days before class.
People outside Canada will need to pay using PayPal and we will split the transfer fees. You can use a credit card with PayPal.

4. Once you have the recipes you will buy the ingredients for the class, including the spices. The recipes of course list all the ingredients. Please plan ahead (2 weeks or so at least) so you have the time to buy the spices. Spices for North Indian menus are available in large, Western food stores. For other spices you will need to shop at an Indian grocery (a discovery!) or order online. I can suggest a good, online, Indian grocery for Canada. Factor in time to order online.

5. Two days before the class you’ll get a what to prepare ahead email (if necessary) and a jitsi link for the class. No download is required from you. Most of the chopping and cooking is done during class, but depending on what you choose, there may be some preparation. No special equipment is usually needed. Though you may need a steamer, or a food processor, etc. depending on the recipes you choose.

6. We will meet up online and I will guide you step-by-step. My camera is focused on sizzling spices and flavour-filled pots! At the end you will have a meal ready & recipes you can use forever. You also get the chance to ask questions about anything related to Indian vegetarian cuisine. And I will send you that 3rd recipe you chose as well. (Feel free to enjoy some wine or beer as you cook! Or a non-alcoholic drink.)

Refund policy, very important, please read carefully: Full refund if you cancel 48 hours before class with $20 per location deducted for administration fees, or you can set another date for the class with the same menu.

Check out ratings and recommendations on my Facebook page. Thanks!

Looking forward to meeting you. Namaste!