• My approach to cooking is practical. Take shortcuts, but never compromise on yumminess.
  • Retain your sense of fun in the kitchen. (Easy recipes help!)
  • Healthy food is surprisingly flavourful. Let the spices do their magic.

Hello, here’s my story.

Born into a vegetarian family in India, I lived in several Indian cities, slurping through a range of regional cuisines! Spicy, stuffed, rice-lentil crepes called dosa, from South India, earthy bhakri-pithle (pearl millet flatbread, with a chickpea flour based accompaniment) which is home food, complex curries that graced the tables of royalty and tongue-tickling street food — India is an ocean of culinary delights.

I came to Canada after working in English-language journalism in Bombay/Mumbai, to do a Masters in Environmental Studies, followed by work with non-profits.

Too busy (and spoilt!) to cook much in India, I started cooking with gusto as soon as I landed here, in 1990. How I missed Indian food! It’s been a flavourful journey cooking a range of vegetarian dishes — Indian, Western, Asian — and trying out every type of ethnic restaurant that exists here.

In 2008, I followed my French-Canadian partner to Montreal. Working flexitime as a freelancer allowed me to plunge further into Indian cuisine.

I decided, in 2015, to try my hand at giving Indian cooking lessons. I wanted people to explore the wonderful world of spices, and learn about great, Indian, veggie options. Healthy food = healthy planet. N’est pas? In 2020, I took the classes online; a whole new world opens up!

Thanks students & friends for your interest & encouragement!

A bit of practical info. I have the Food Hygiene and Safety Certification from The Ministry of Agriculture, Fisheries and Food, Quebec/Le ministère de l’Agriculture, des Pêcheries et de l’Alimentation du Québec (MAPAQ).

Welcome. Bienvenue. Aap ka swagat hai.