Cooking & enjoying an Indian meal with loved ones is a great way to celebrate: birthdays, anniversaries, girls’ night out, romantic dinner, Bachelor/Bachelorette parties, baby showers, Christmas, Halloween, you name it.

  • Bring your friends or family to my place for a private class, or I can come to your place with my spices. A special way to celebrate a birthday!
  • Be the Hostess with the Mostess or Host with the Most: You and I can cook a wonderful Indian meal together for your family & friends
  • Be an Indian Princess, for Bachelorette and Girls’ Night Out. Shorter cooking lesson & meal, followed by dress up, dance, fun!

Generalities for Private Cooking Class at My Place or Yours:

*Duration: 3 hours, including meal.
*Advance planning (3-4 weeks ahead) and payment (1-2 weeks before the event) needed.
*We will cook a 3-dish vegetarian meal developed in discussion with you. Some people just leave the menu to me.
*You will receive detailed recipes and a list of where to buy Indian ingredients.
*Cultural dimensions can be added, like storytelling, and I can bring music.
* All prices quoted include taxes.
This formula can be varied. Let’s talk: 514-839-8264! Check out the menus.
Very important: Tell me about allergies and food sensitivities at the time of booking.

Cost of Private Class at My Place:
6-8 people @ $50 per person.
4-5 people @ $60 per person
1-3 people @ $70 per person
I provide all the cooking ingredients. Spice tea and papadum included! BYOB

Private Group Class at Your Place:
* I can give a similar class at your place with the same price structure as above, but with minimum payment of $240.
*Also you provide staples like rice, lentils, vegetables, oil, etc. I bring spices and hard to find Indian ingredients.
*Maximum number of guests depends on size of your kitchen and how its equipped.
*Once we set a date we will need to finalise the menu and talk about your kitchen set-up.
*A few days before class, I will send you an ingredient list.
*I will come to your place an hour before the class starts to do set-up with you.

Host with the Most/Hostess with the Mostest:
*You hire me @$50 an hour to cook a meal only with you for a few guests at your place.
*It’s a private cooking class for you and you treat your friends and family to a great Indian meal.
*Minimum payment I would need is $150. This pricing includes cooking a 3-4 dish meal for up to 8 people in about two hours, plus kitchen setup time and some commute time. A more elaborate meal for more people would take more time.
*As above, you provide staples and I bring spices.

Bachelor or Bachelorette Party with Extra Oomph or
Girls’ Night In — Be an Indian Princess! Guys Night In also possible.
Have a normal class, as above, or a variation with a one-dish, 1 hour cooking class, followed by meal and dress-up. You can try on sarees or other Indian clothing, and jewellery, and take some selfies! (Bring make-up if you like.) Music! Dance! This kind of event can only be done at my place. (6-8 people; starts @ $35 pp) BYOB.

Please Note:
*I live near Metro Papineau.
I don’t drive and I would commute by public transport. If the transport time is upto 45 mins, one way, I don’t charge for my commute time. If it’s going to be more let’s talk. I have also used a combo of public transport and getting a ride from my clients.
*I am happy to go outside Montreal as well using bus or train; hosts cover transport costs and transport time is also a consideration.
*Then again people from distant Montreal suburbs and out of town have converged at my place. Refer to Private Class at My Place above.