These are standard menus for private classes. Contact me to discuss options and seasonal variations.


Indian Favourites:
* Chickpeas in Butter Chicken Sauce (add ingredients you want to this sauce at home)
* Cumin, Mushroom Pulao (aromatic rice dish)
* A salad (Cucumber Raita) or veg dish (Stuffed Peppers), or dessert (Carrot Halwa)

Or choose three from:
*Mango Lassi
*Bhaji/Bhajia (vegetable-chickpeas flour fritters)
*Dal (Lentil) Soup
*Alu-Gobi (Potato-Cauliflower)
*Saag-Paneer, (a curry with leafy green vegetables and paneer, Indian cheese)
*Chole, spicy chickpea curry
*Baigan Bharta (Eggplant salad)

Indian Regional Mix:
* A dal (lentil dish) or a bean dish, with North Indian style Garam Masala
* A veg dish, South Indian style, with Curry Powder
* A chutney or salad or dessert, from Veena’s table. Served with readymade naan and Basmati Rice.
This class explores the riches of Indian regional cuisine & different spice mixes.

Southern Flavours: Less well-know here, but must try!
* Sambar, South Indian spicy lentils with veggies, curry powder and tamarind
* Cabbage-peas veggie with shredded coconut, asafoetida and mustard seeds
* Tomato Chutney or Beetroot Raita (salad). Served on Basmati rice.

FUN WITH BAKED SAMOSAS: Baked samosas with standard or unusual veggie fillings (Kale!), including sweet samosas stuffed with coconut flakes! Cut the calories, retain the flavour.

* Misaal, spicy bean stew layered with potato, tomato, onion, yogurt (optional) and
* Two chutneys, tamarind and coriander
* Shallow fried bananas with coconut and cardamom or

*Bhaji/Bhajias as a starter
*Pav Bhaji, spicy veggie spread with a special masala (spice mix) served on buns
*Washed down with a Sweet Lassi

SOMETHING DIFFERENT: Fast, Anytime Indian from Veena’s table
* Pohe, flavourful flat rice dish with veggies and nuts
* Chickpea & rice flour pancakes with veggies served with
* Coriander Chutney a
* And a surprise sweet treat too