These are standard menus for private classes. Contact me to discuss options (vegan, gluten-free, things you would like to learn, etc).

List of desserts at the end.

Class price may vary a bit depending on what you choose given the differing prices of different ingredients.


Indian Favourites:
* Cumin Peas Pulao (rice dish with spices and veggies) or Naan
* Chickpeas in Butter Chicken Sauce/Gravy (since this menu is veg. I don’t use chicken, but you can learn to make the yummy sauce/gravy!)
* Cucumber or some other Raita (Salad with yogurt)

Or instead of Chickpeas in Butter Chicken Sauce & Cucumber Raita choose 2 from:
*Dal (Lentil) Soup (variations) * Mulligatawny, an Indo-British soup, *Bhaji/Bhajia (vegetable-chickpeas flour fritters), *Aloo-Gobi (Potato-Cauliflower) *Aloo Matar (Potato-Peas) *Chana Masala, spicy chickpea curry (variations) *Dal Makhani, creamy black lentils *Saag (a curry with leafy green vegetables) We can add cheese or tofu  *Baigan Bharta (Roasted eggplant salad), *Veg. Korma *Vindaloo, spicy curry from Goa *Paneer Tikka *Biryani (elaborate rice dish) *Roti, Indian flat bread, *Stuffed Green Peppers * Bhindi Masala, Shallow Fried Okra with Spices *Coriander Chutney (variations) *Tamarind Chutney *Raitas — spiced yogurt salads — beetroot, green leafy, potato, etc, *Kachumbar, spiced salads without yogurt, tomato-onion, chickpea, etc *Mango Lassi *Sweet Lassi – variations *Salt Lassi *Masala Chai (spice tea)*A Dessert

Indian Regional Mix:
Explore Indian regional cuisine & different spice mixes.
* A dal (lentil dish) Bengali style with Panch Phoran, a regional spice mix
* A Poriyal, veg dish, South Indian style, with Coconut, asafoetida and mustard seeds & Madras Curry Powder
* A Pulao, North Indian style rice dish with veggies & Garam Masala.

Southern Flavours: Less well-know here, but must try!
* Sambar, South Indian spicy lentils with veggies, Madras curry powder & tamarind
* Poriyal, South Indian style veggie dish with shredded coconut, asafoetida, mustard seeds & Madras Curry Powder. (May be replaced with an amazing, seasonal, cooked salad made with baked Squash, yogurt and spices)
* Tomato or Coconut Chutney, your choice. With Basmati rice.

Go South, stay South!
* Chana Dal Wadas, yummy lentil fritters with real curry leaves in them, plus other stuff
* Veggies in flavourful Coconut milk curry or Avial, a summer favourite, veg. curry in a coconut milk yogurt sauce.
* Lemon Rice, or Basmati rice & Flaxseed Chutney from Veena’s Table

FUN WITH BAKED SAMOSAS: Baked samosas with standard filling (Potato-Chickpea) or peas & spice filling from my region, or Kale, an innovation, including sweet samosas stuffed with coconut flakes! Plus Tamarind Chutney! Cut the calories, retain the flavour.

* Bhaji/Bhajias, vegetable-chickpeas flour fritters, as a starter
* Misaal, spicy bean stew layered with potato, tomato, onion, yogurt (optional) and
* Two chutneys, tamarind and coriander; plus a Chillie-Garlic Sauce
* Masala Chai (Indian spice tea)

* Pav Bhaji, spicy, veggie spread with a complex masala (spice mix) served on buttery buns. This spice mix is available in Indian stores
*Tawa Pulao, colourful rice dish that combines cooked and fresh veggies, can be a one dish meal
* Masala Chai (Indian spice tea)

* Bhaji/Bhajias, vegetable-chickpeas flour fritters, as a starter
* Bhel, Rice crispies (yup!) with potato & onion, peanuts and two chutneys, Tamarind and Coriander, plus a Chillie-Garlic Sauce – may sound weird but is delicious!
* Masala Chai (spice tea)

Bengali Street Food
Starter: Grape Chutney on crackers
Main: Zaal Mudi, Rice crispies (yup!) with veggies, a special Masala (spice mix) & mustard oil — may sound weird but is delicious!
* Mishti Dohi: Cooked Yogurt dessert

Indian Classics
*Khichari: rice and lentil dish with spices and veggies with a dollop of ghee, Indian clarified butter
*Kadhi: A yogurt soup with chickpea flour, spices and veggies
*Flaxseed Chutney from Veena’s Table and we will make Papadums as well

SOMETHING DIFFERENT: Fast, Anytime Indian from Veena’s table (Maharashtrian)
* Pohe, flavourful flat rice dish with veggies and nuts
* Chickpea & rice flour pancakes with veggies served with
* Coriander Chutney or Tamarind Chutney (kick-ass!)
* And a surprise sweet treat

A Maharashtrian Meal from Veena’s Table
Zesty, shallow-fried, lightly spiced eggplant slices
Rassa, mixed veg. curry with Goda Masala, a regional spice mix
Green peppers and chick-pea flour veg. dish
Served with Basmati Rice. Or pick 2 dishes from above and as a third we will make roti, Indian flat bread

More Maharashtrian Food!
Bhakri, pearl millet flat-bread, gluten-free, unique
Zunka, a spicy chickpea accompaniment
Bharit, baked eggplant or seasonal squash salad with a yogurt & Goda Masala, a regional spice mix

A ROYAL FEASTa great way to celebrate an occasion
* Paneer Tikka
* Hyderabadi Biryani, a rich, rice dish with veggies, spices, yogurt, nuts & dry fruits, partially baked
* Decadent Spinach Raita (or choose a dessert)
This class will take a bit more time & money, but is well worth it.

Indian starters

Choose from 1. Bhaji/Bhajia,vegetable-chickpeas flour fritters; 2. Chana Dal Wadas, yummy lentil fritters, 3. Zesty, shallow-fried, lightly spiced eggplant slices, 4. Spicy Potato-Corn Patties, 5. Cocktail Samosas, 6. Coriander Chutney, 7. Tamarind Chutney, 8. Paneer Tikka 9. Bengali Grape Chutney on crackers; 10. Squash Raita on crackers (seasonal), 11. Chai Masala (Indian spiced tea), 12. Sweet or Salt Lassi (yogurt drink) 13. Masala Papadums (papadums with toppings)
Ideal class for a weekend afternoon!

Another weekend afternoon class is to make 3 desserts. The desserts I teach are healthy, and you can control the amount of fat and sugar in them. And they still rock!

Desserts *Semolina Halwa, *Carrot Halwa, *Zucchini Halwa, (Vegan versions of these first three dishes are possible) Shallow fried bananas with coconut and cardamom (Vegan), Indian Rice Pudding in Coconut Milk (Vegan) *Kheer: Vermicelli Pudding, *Mishti Dohi: Cooked Yogurt from Bengal, *Sago Payasam: Tapioca Pudding, *Stuffed dates (vegan version possible)