Specifically, I could:

  • Improve the readability of a document: from substantive editing, reorganizing and rewriting to proof reading and fixing typos in a last draft
  • Jazz up your text (off or on-line) and make it more fun to read
  • Enhance an important power point presentation: tighten text and ensure flow, include attractive titles and subheads
  • Write a fundraising proposal
  • Adapt text to various media – for e.g. a factual report could be summarized and repackaged into a newsletter insert, blog entry, website and social media content, excerpt for a fundraising letter
  • Conduct interviews with your E.D., people who benefit from your organization's work, volunteers or Board Members, to add human interest to your social media, website, newsletter or blog
  • Write an evocative feature story about your project or issue, to use as part of your outreach
  • Write a story around your issue(s) with characters, plot, conflict and dialogue that could be put on-line with photos, made into a podcast play, comic book or photo novella. The story could be developed collaboratively with staff and stakeholders.
  • Develop a workshop for the issues you want to convey to the public. This could be delivered by a staff person, by me, or be co-facilitated.
  • Take care of communication needs that you wish you had the time and staff to get done. Sometimes these can be small but effective measures that need not cost much.