Project Management, Community Engagement

My experience encompasses:

  • conceptualizing projects, writing proposals, finding funding and growing the projects
  • doing community outreach, building and sustaining relationships, event organizing
  • project management, evaluation and reporting and disseminating results

Here are some questions projects that I managed strived to answer:

  • How can schools, municipalities and businesses in Ontario, Canada, be motivated to reduce consumption, reuse products, recycle more and adopt other sustainable practices that minimize waste?
  • How can immigrant women's groups in Vancouver ensure food security within their communities? Would new Canadians be interested in a organic community gardening project where they could grow vegetables from back home in their adopted country?
  • How can people in Canada work in solidarity with an Indian land rights movement to ensure some political gains? Can South Asian and Canadian women learn from each other's experience on how to enhance women's participation in local government?
  • What information do Tanzanian citizens need to reform their education system? How can it be transformed into popular booklets and distributed to remote communities in this infrastructure-poor country?