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Writing & Editing

Good writing and editing result in clear, engaging communication. Effective communication is invaluable, isn't it?

I offer writing, editing and related research services at reasonable rates. Here’s a list of things I could do to sharpen your message. Please contact me for an estimate of the work you want done.

As a writer-editor I have worked in mainstream, alternative and on-line journalism, with non-profit organizations, and published fiction and poetry.

I worked for English-language newspapers and magazines in Bombay/Mumbai, India, in the 1980s, came to Canada as Distinguished Visiting Journalist in 1990, came back to do a Masters and then immigrated.

After working for Canadian environmental and international development organizations, including a stint abroad as technical advisor to HakiElimu, a dynamic, Tanzanian, non-profit organization, I followed my partner to his hometown, Montreal, and went freelance.

I also have many samples of literary writing.

I look forward to hearing from you!

Here are some writing samples:


Turning journalism on its head @InfoChange News & Features, an online resource on sustainable development and social justice in India and South Asia.

Marginalised voices get a new life on the Net @Infochange News and Features, India.

Development, environment and non-profit issues

Building individual donor base key to success, the Canadian Fundraising and Philanthropy newsletter.

From caterpillar to butterfly – an article on a women's health issue written for the Women's Feature Service.

Support for self-reliance, for the news service of the Centre for Environment Education, India.

Joy of Learning, for the news service of the Centre for Environment Education, India.

Eating on the run, IDRC Reports (International Development Research Centre), Canada.

India's Narmada Dam Valley Project Ecodecision, Canada.

The Indian media's response to global warming, News Media in a Shrinking World, Encounter 90, University of Western Ontario, Graduate School of Journalism, Canada.

Environmental Racism, Environmental Justice, first published in the Cross Cultural Centre newsletter, Toronto. Reprinted in the Low-Income Families Together newsletter, Toronto.

Opinion editorials

Why don't you start a reading club? The Citizen, a Tanzanian newspaper.

Are our schools safe for girls? The Citizen, Tanzania.

llustrated storybooks

The final publications, done for a Tanzanian NGO, are in Kiswahili. Each publication link is therefore followed by the storyboard in English

Don't slip and fall on the HIV Road (extracts, 2.2Mb pdf)

HIV Road storyboard

Zainabu's Education (extracts, 712Kb pdf)

Zainabu's Education storyboard