Land for Fatimah cover picture

Guernica Editions, 2018.

Bombay Wali cover picture by Falguni Gokhale

Guernica Editions, 2013.


As a writer-editor I have worked in mainstream, alternative and on-line journalism, with non-profit organizations, and published fiction and poetry.

In the 1980s, I worked for English-language newspapers and magazines in Bombay/Mumbai, India and came to Canada as Distinguished Visiting Journalist in 1990. I returned to do a Masters and then immigrated.

After working for Canadian environmental and international development organizations, including a stint abroad as technical advisor to HakiElimu, a dynamic, Tanzanian, non-profit, I followed my partner to his hometown, Montreal, and went freelance.

My novel,Land for Fatimah, was published by Guernica Editions in 2018 while Bombay Wali and other stories was released in 2013. Land for Fatimah humanizes and enlivens complex issues like the right to land for farmers and the role of international development, through a plot-driven narrative and intertwined stories of four women set in Kamorga, an imaginary, African country. Bombay Wali (A woman from Bombay) is a vibrant portrait of a city with myriad faces, populated by diverse, engaging characters. As a fiction writer, I have received writing grants, published in literary journals and anthologies and read extensively from my work.

New manuscripts include The Artichoke, Sensuous Stories and Annapurna's Bouunty, Indian Food Legends Retold & Recipes, as well as Une femme de Bombay, a French translation of Bombay Wali. I also do storytelling, and moderate and curate literary events, off and online.