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Quebec Mosque Killings, Horrific but not Surprising, News Feature, The Wire.

The Arts

Of Human Bondage, book review of Home Sickness by Chih-Ying Lay (in translation), Montreal Review of Books.

Portraits of Cultural Decline and Resilience in Films from Pakistanh, film festival review, Montreal Serai.

Exploring Honour, theatre review, Rungh Magazine, Colour. Culture. Conversations.

Kathak and Tap Dance Converse, dance review, Rungh Magazine, Colour. Culture. Conversations.

Raw Humanity, book review of This Country of Mine by Didier Leclair (in translation), Montreal Review of Books.

Mark Frutkin on His Latest Novel, The Rising Tide, and His Source of Inspiration, interview, Accenti.

Writing Between Languages, essay, QWF Writes.

Between Languages, Styles and Cultures, essay, Montreal Serai.

Cutting Edge Cinema from South Asia, interview, Montreal Serai.

Writers Should Maintain a Certain Distance with the World: Anita Desai, interview, The Wire.

Belief by Mayank Bhatt, book review, Montreal Serai.

South Asian Film Festival at the Kabir Centre for Arts and Culture, interview, Montreal Serai.

These Films Fly High, film festival review, Montreal Serai.

In the Shadow of War, book review and interview, Montreal Serai.

Magic Mushrooms and Paranormal Parrots, book review, Montreal Review of Books.

Nuanced understanding of “back home”, book review, Montreal Serai.

A Touch of Gothic, book review, Rover, Culture & Conversation.

Executor, book review, Montreal Serai.

Peoples Social Forum 2014: “Tooling” the Revolution – A Report, Montreal Serai.

“I always want to make art that is real and truthful.”, an interview with playwright Anusree Roy, Montreal Serai.

She's having a book baby! The Rover.

Indian Expressionism - The fascinating marriage of Indian and German cinema an interview with film curator Meenakshi Shedde, Montreal Serai.

Oh MAI MAI, a profile of Montreal Arts Intercultural, The Rover.

Blogging from the Blue Metropolitan Literary Festival, Montreal, 2011

Blood, Sweat and Publishing

When in Canada

Egypt and Humanism @ Maple Tree Literary Supplement, Canada

Tantalising Glimpses: Tibet in Montreal The Rover.