Gift an Indian Cooking Class this Christmas

Or request someone to give it you as a gift : )

An unforgettable experience @ Slurrrrp in Montreal!

Since 5 years, I have been giving Indian vegetarian* cooking classes taking people on the spice trail. At home, a spacious apartment steps from a Metro station, and in places like Provigo. My recipes: delicious, easy, healthy. The atmosphere: friendly. People who follow special diets, vegan, gluten free, etc. are welcome.

3 hours, we will cook 3 dishes. The class includes a meal, detailed recipes and a list of Indian groceries.

How it works: you pay me the full amount (tax included) in advance by Interac e-transfer, in my name: Veena Gokhale ( Then I send you an electronic gift certificate. I can provide a receipt. The person or people who receive your gift get in touch and we set a class date and the menu. So easy!

Base price: $100 per person.

Avail of group discounts for friends and family:

2-3 people: 25% off ($75 per person)
4-5 people: 40% off ($60 per person)
6-8 people: 50% off ($50 per person)

5/5: Please have a look at my Facebook page for ratings and reviews.

Check out the mouth-watering menu options. Learn Indian restaurant favourites like Butter Chicken *sauce as well as lesser-known, not-to-be-missed regional specialties. In class we will add chickpeas or veggies to the sauce, but at your home you could do it with meat. BYOB!

(Indian Vegetarian* = not only no meat, but also no eggs or fish.)

Get in touch by e-mail! Or call me at 514-839-8264.

A group class at your place is possible; let’s talk.

(Indian Vegetarian = not only no meat, but also no eggs or fish.)*