Here are articles of a more literary nature, reviews, and essays. Also see my non-fiction essays.

The Arts

Magic Mushrooms and Paranormal Parrots book review, Montreal Review of Books.

Nuanced understanding of “back home”, book review, Montreal Serai.

A Touch of Gothic, book review, Rover, Culture & Conversation.

Executor, book review, Montreal Serai.

Peoples Social Forum 2014: “Tooling” the Revolution – A Report, Montreal Serai.

“I always want to make art that is real and truthful.”, an interview with playwright Anusree Roy, Montreal Serai.

She's having a book baby! The Rover.

Indian Expressionism - The fascinating marriage of Indian and German cinema an interview with film curator Meenakshi Shedde, Montreal Serai.

Oh MAI MAI, a profile of Montreal Arts Intercultural, The Rover.

Blogging from the Blue Metropolitan Literary Festival, Montreal, 2011

Drinking the Literary Cocktail

Blood, Sweat and Publishing

When in Canada

Egypt and Humanism @ Maple Tree Literary Supplement, Canada

The Dalit Voice: An interview with (poet) Meena Kandaswamy @Infochange News and Features, India.

Head Turning Sculptures The Rover.

A Real-life Indian hero The Rover.

Tantalising Glimpses: Tibet in Montreal The Rover.


Destination Himachal, The Times of India.


Buddham Sharanam Gachami, Ottawa Shambhala Centre newsletter.

Mahamudra Vision, The Dot, the Shambhala quarterly newsletter.


Spliced Worlds, in "Cerebration", No 3, 2006

Indian woman When Your Voice Tastes Like Home, Immigrant Women Write, Edited by Prabhajot Parmar and Nila Somaia-Carter, Second Story Press, 2003

Bloor StreetLow Income Families Together Newsletter, 1996

Carsong, The Pedalling Planet: BicycleShare Reading Book, 1995