My home-food

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA My mother cooking on a visit to Canada

I’d like to tell you about the food I ate growing up in a Maharashtrian household. Maharashtra is a western, Indian state and Mumbai/Bombay is its capital. Gluten free is everyday fare with ingredients like sago (tapioca), bajra (pearl millet), chickpea flour, rice flour, puffed and flat rice. Lentils, beans, sprouts and nuts are integral and add protein, vitamins and more to this vegetable-based diet.

We use all kinds of spices — cumin and mustard seeds, bright yellow turmeric, chilli; fragrant, fresh coriander, high-smelling asafoetida, to name the most common. Spices have healing properties and among my favourites are tamarind and curry leaves. (Available in Indian stores in Montreal!)

Here are photos of some typical Maharashtrian dishes — Zunka, made with chickpea flour, and bhaker, made with bajra, i.e. pearl millet) Misaal, beans and potatoes like you’ve never had before (!) and Sago khichadi. Join my class and learn with your tastebuds!

zunka beaker misaal sago khichadi